Propolis Liquid
Propolis liquid Wild and Premium contains bioflavonoid as which functions as antioxidant and antibacterial. The content of bioflavonoid as the main bioactive compound in Propolis Liquid Wild and Premium gives optimum and outstanding protection for our immune system. Propolis liquid Wild and Premium is manufactured in one of the biggest dietary supplement and neutraucetical Factory in New Zealand, which highly committed in product's quality and safety.

Therefore it makes Propolis Liquid Wild and Premium to become herbal supplement product with premium quality. Having high quality and assured safety, Propolis liquid Wild and Premium has become appropriate dietary supplement to be consumed every day for immune system and body's wellbeing.

Benefits for health:
-Natural antibiotic, and anti-digestive ailments
-Anti Inflammatory
-Helps in strengthening blood vessel wall
-Anti cancer and tumor
-Helps liver's function
-Anti allergy, and strengthen system immune
-Anti sore throat, cough, and cold
-Very potent to cure sinusitis, and respiratory ailments
-Helps cure acne and skin disorder, help fixing body's tissue regeneration, helps cavities (teeth damage), and mouth inflammation

Direction of use:
4-6 droplets, 3 times a day

To maintain the effectiveness, it shouldn't be taken using hot water

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